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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

  1.  Parlours should use only trained or professional girls for providing beauty services.
  2. If there is any type of issue between parlour and customer, till it is resolved the parlour registration shall be cancelled.
  3. NYC reserves the rights to change/modify the terms and conditions of scheme, partially or in full or to withdraw the scheme in totality or any portions of it at any point of time, without any notice.
  4. NYC will not be responsible in case any of the terms of the scheme are misunderstood or misconstrued by the customer and parlour.
  5. Fees once paid will not be refundable.
  6. Parlours should be hygienic.
  7. Parlours should not use used blades and any type of chemicals which are hzardous to the customers skin, hair, nails, eyes etc
  8. Use of good quality products.
  9. Beauty tips news by parlours at their own discretion.
  10. Ensure about pregnant ladies convenience.
  11. Offers should be approved by the NYC team.
  12. Customers have the right to check the expiry of products before their use by parlours.
  13. Customers have the right to object on hygiene of parlours.
  14. Customers have the right to object the parlours for use of dirty towel.
  15. Customers should read terms and conditions before booking of parlours.
  16. After booking please check the beauty parlours policy.
  17. At time of payment if any query or not satisfied with service contact immediately to parlour or NYC helpline as after payment no query will be resolved.
  18. User or customer is hereby allowed to use the NYC subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of parlours and NYC.
  19. User or customer conveys acceptance to terms every time the user or customer uses the NYC.
  20. The NYC are exclusively for women.
  21. User or customer agrees and accepts that parlour can cancel the booking at any time without giving any prior reason.
  22. If due to server or technical problem bookings are not placed, the NYC will not be held responsible for these any type of issues.
  23. Pregnant ladies should mention about their pregnancy before booking to avoid any inconvenience.
  24. Parlours are fully responsible for queries related to customer hygiene.
  25. When the customer (user) reached to parlour which is booked, the customer can confirm booking from particular parlour as after taking service no query will be resolved regarding to booking.
  26. NYC team will resolved queries in working hours only that is 9am – 6pm.
  27.  If any beauty parlour after booking, cancelled the booking of NYC customer when it is reached and provide him service personally which is chargeable then the parlour is charged to penalty of fraud.
  28. If customer of NYC after booking take another service in parlour without confirm booking from NYC then they should revise their bill from parlour or NYC team.
  29. NYC is building only relationship between customer (user) and parlour.
  30. Read patiently and fully to every terms and conditions.

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